Steps for Success is dedicated to providing personalized support to our students through each step toward their success. 

Each Steps for Success student is provided with a dedicated mentor from the Steps for Success team. Our mentors build relationships, offer frequent check-ins and deliver personalized support to each participant. This connection is a hands-on, vital part of our Steps for Success program.


No matter what path their journey takes, Steps for Success helps our students achieve academic excellence.

The focal point of Steps for Success is our tailored workshops. Along with personalized one-on-one mentor support, students also benefit from specialized workshops designed to help them achieve each of their specific paths to success. The program consists of six one-hour workshops throughout a student’s senior year of high school.


Steps for Success helps students overcome financial barriers, through tailored monetary awards.

The final step of the Steps for Success program is a financial award. Each student who completes the six workshops is invited to receive their financial award at our year-end award banquet. Local experts in their fields, entrepreneurs, and university affiliates are invited to attend and network with our students throughout the banquet to offer them valuable, specialized support and connections.